Reduce your infrastructure costs significantly

Object Cache Pro provides drastic improvements in resource usage, network throughput and data transfer costs.

Utilizing state of the art data serialization and compression algorithms such as Zstandard and LZ4, Object Cache Pro drastically reduces CPU usage on web servers and database instances.

One customer with over 100,000 requests per minute saw a 50-60% reduction in CPU usage and was able to save $1,836 in monthly server costs, by downgrading 2x 96-core instances down to 2x 32-core instances — and that’s ignoring their database savings.

Cloud computing services such as AWS often charge fees such as inter-regional data transfer costs or even force you to upgrade instances that hardly use their CPU/RAM, but require higher network bandwidth and throughput limits.

A widely-known WordPress business reduced their daily Inter-AZ data transfer costs from $116 down to $38, after rolling out Object Cache Pro. That’s a ⅓ of the costs and $2,340 saved each month.

Appliance licenses for hosting providers start at $60,000/year.

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“We utilize Object Cache Pro for the dramatic results the plugin provides in terms of performance and resource usage improvements across our customer base. For a hosting company with big needs like us, it’s a major win.”

Joshua Strebel CEO of Pagely
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