Object Cache Pro

Composer Installation

To install Object Cache Pro using Composer, you’ll need your organization’s name and token, which was emailed to you after signing up.

Preparation #

Before getting started, be sure to uninstall all existing object cache plugins, such as Redis Object Cache and WP Redis.

Additionally, if a /wp-content/object-cache.php drop-in exists, delete it.

Authentication #

First, you’ll need to authenticate with your token to access your Composer repository:

composer config --global \
--auth http-basic.rhubarbgroup.repo.packagist.com token <LICENSE-TOKEN>

Alternatively, you can put an auth.json in your projects’ repository:

"http-basic": {
"rhubarbgroup.repo.packagist.com": {
"username": "token",
"password": "<LICENSE-TOKEN>"

You may also use the COMPOSER_AUTH environment variable:

{"http-basic": {"rhubarbgroup.repo.packagist.com": {"username": "token", "password": "<LICENSE-TOKEN>"}}}

Repository & Package #

Next, add your organization’s own repository to your projects’ composer.json file:

"repositories": [
"type": "composer",
"url": "https://rhubarbgroup.repo.packagist.com/<LICENSE-ORG>/"

Then install the Object Cache Pro package:

composer require rhubarbgroup/object-cache-pro

Configuration #

Now you’ll need to set up your configuration, for more details see the configuration guide.

Be sure to add your organization’s license token to your wp-config.php file to receive future updates:

define('WP_REDIS_CONFIG', [
'token' => '<YOUR-TOKEN>',
// ...

Activation #

Finally, let’s activate the plugin, enable the object cache drop-in and flush the cache to avoid stale data.

# activate the plugin
wp plugin activate redis-cache-pro

# enable the object cache drop-in
wp redis enable

# flush outdated data
wp cache flush

Then make sure everything works by calling wp redis info.

That’s it! 🚀🎉

Deployment #

If your site has an automated/scripted deployment process, follow the deployment guide to keep your object-cache.php drop-in up-to-date.