Object Cache Pro
Till Krüss

Battle-testing with Pagely

After months of working closely with the leadership and DevOps team at Pagely, we’re extremely happy to announce our partnership. Object Cache Pro is now part of the core offering at Pagely, allowing our teams to join forces towards a first of its kind technology partnership.

Pagely approached a more integrated partnership with our team after seeing major performance gains and improved resource usage with the Object Cache Pro plugin. With a robust DevOps operation of their own, partnering with Object Cache Pro allowed Pagely to implement our best-in-class caching solution across their already superior hosting stack.

With hundreds of Pagely customers sites already onboarded — the results have exceeded our (and their!) expectations.

Pagely’s engineers not only noticed a dramatic improvement in network throughput, but they also saw up to 60% reduction in CPU usage on their web and database instances.

On top of that, their Inter-AZ data transfer costs dropped by a third; massive savings that are directly passed on to their customers, sometimes downsizing from 96-core instances to 32-core instances. This translates to better pricing, and big performance wins for many of the largest mission-critical sites running WordPress who use Pagely as a hosting provider.

On our side, partnering with Pagely has and will continue to allow us to battle-test Object Cache Pro on the most demanding WordPress sites out there — think 100,000 requests per minute and upwards — several orders of magnitude higher than we’re able to simulate. We’re thrilled for this next chapter of Object Cache Pro, and that all starts with this partnership opportunity.

Read Pagely’s announcement and their case study of FanSided.